Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Center

The Hinoki studded entrance features a diorama covering the entire Ginzan site; get to actually hold a 30kg lump of silver, experience an exhibition room faithfully recreating a part of the "Okubo Mabu"; the center offers an easy-to-understand introduction to the history of the Iwami silver mines and mining technology. Also hosts a variety of programs that introduce the mines in more depth. Every Monday and Wednesday, get hands-on and try the "Chogin silver making workshop", using low melting point alloys (tin, bismuth alloys) and plastic sheets to make your own custom keyrings and phone straps. Come face to face with the "who?", "what?" and "why?" of the Iwami mines.

Business Time



Last Tuesday of the month, New Year peri


1597-3 Omori-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture



Attraction Fee

Adult 310yen

Child 150yen

With an Tour Pass

Adult 310 yen for adults, 150 yen -> 0 yen for children 1 free original ballpoint pen