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Matsue Castle

Completed in 1611 and one of only 12 remaining original castles nationwide, Matsue Castle was built over a five-year period by Horio Yoshiharu, feudal lord and founder of Matsue. It was designated as a national treasure in 2015. The elegance of the castle’s swooping roofs and decor is often compared to the wings of a plover bird (‘chidori’), which has led to the castle’s nickname, Plover Castle (‘chidori-jo’). There is a museum inside, and the top floor offers a panoramic view of the castle grounds and the city.

Horikawa Sightseeing Boat(Fureai Hiroba)

Horikawa, the castle keep of National Treasure Matsue castle, has remained the same as it was about 400 years ago, when the castle was built. Horikawa Pleasure Boat tour takes visitors on a 50-minute cruise. It is only in this cruise tour that you can enjoy the scenery of the Matue full of typical Japanese atmosphere, and feel four seasons from seasonal plants, flowers and water fowls along the waterside from the boat. The height of the boats is adjusted when going through 16 bridges, which helps the passengers have a more enjoyable conversation each other. Kotatsu(a traditional Japanese table covered with a blanket and placed a heater underneath) Boat Tour is popular in winter.

Yuushien Garden

【SaninPass Ticket Office (ATTRACTION PASS/OK, tigerair TAIWAN campaign exchange/NG)】 Yuushien is a traditional Japanese-style garden located in the centre of Daikonshima Island. Unlike the garden of the Adachi Museum of Art, it is designed as a walk-through garden with ponds, streams and small waterfalls. Its main attraction, the peony flower, blooms in winter and spring, and the garden is resplendent year round with a variety of seasonal blooms, such as irises and hydrangea in summer, and sasanqua and “momiji” foliage in autumn. Peonies are also kept in a hot house, where their blossoms can be viewed all year round. The volcanic rock of Daikonshima is also incorporated in the garden’s design. There are three restaurants and a tea-room from which you can enjoy the garden scenery.

Matsue Vogel Park

"A paradise of flowers and birds" spreads over a hilly area around Lake Shinji. At Matsue Vogel Park, one of the largest exhibition greenhouses in Japan, four exhibition greenhouses and an observatory are connected by a walking course with a roof, so visitors can enjoy even in stormy weather. A variety of flowers in full bloom welcome visitors throughout the year. At the two bird greenhouses, sinse you can interact with a lot of birds through many events—Owl Flight Show, Hawks and Eagle Show, Adorable Penguin Stroll and Feeding Birds, you cannot be bored all day long here!


The first question visitors to the Adachi Museum of Art ask, indeed the one they most often ask, is why there are so many works by Yokoyama Taikan. Visitors also seem puzzled by the Japanese-style garden, as though it is a mystery for such a magnificent garden to be located here in such a rural setting. The answer to both puzzles lies with Adachi Zenko, the museum’s founder. Adachi felt a strong resonance between the sublime sensibility of the Japanese-style garden and the paintings of Yokoyama Taikan which he wished visitors to experience. Adachi constructed his Japanese garden with the hope that through its seasonal expression of natural beauty visitors would be inspired to view Taikan’s paintings with a renewed sense of appreciation. This new appreciation would then lead to increased interest in the works of other Japanese painters, fulfilling Adachi’s hope that visitors would be “moved by beauty.”


Mizuki Shigeru is one of representative Japanese cartoonists, a yokai (spiritual monsters) researcher, and from Sakaiminato city. Many his works are exhibited in the museum. The building of the museum is reformed 100 years old Japanese restaurant. The museum is filled by lots of impressive yokai figures, diorama, and projected images. You will enjoy profound atmosphere and Mizuki Shigeru world.

Activities You Can Enjoy in Daisen-Oki National Park


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